The village of Ambivere, in the province of Bergamo, on state road Briantea, connecting Bergamo and Como, is the background of this historical restaurant. Since 1932 documents testify the presence of a trattoria in that spot of the centre where previously stood a wine bar and a bocce court. The Visconti family has been managing the trattoria for four generations. The business was started by Leone with his wife Angelina, then his son Alfredo took the reins and, since 1992, grand-daughter Maria Fiorella. Today Fiorella manages the trattoria with Daniele (who also manages with passion the wine list) and Giorgio (responsible for the vegetable garden). Roberto, Alessandro and Michael are the chefs.


Renovations have preserved the early 20th century detailing of the building, with a cozy and familiar atmosphere where you can easily feel at home. The furniture is simple, wooden chairs and tables covered in white tablecloth, the floor checkered, the dining room is wide and bright and there is a nice veranda in the back. This evocative trattoria is enriched by the vegetable garden, ancient and kept alive for generations, where aromatic herbs, vegetables and a native variety of red corn are cultivated.
From appetizers to desserts, each course comes from the local tradition and is prepared with seasonal and local ingredients, grown in the family vegetable garden or produced by local farmers. The menu boasts a wide array of dishes, with highlights and not-to-be-missed choices such as Bergamo local salami, polenta made with native red corn, and mixed boiled meats. In addition to cold cuts, the giardiniera (mixed pickled vegetables) and quiche with aromatic herbs, made entirely with home-grown products, are spectacular. As for the first course, nonna Ida’s casoncelli pasta are the best, but costmary-stuffed ravioli with butter, ricotta and almonds are also excellent. If we look at second courses, Useli Scapacc (local sausages and veal rolls) and roe buck salmi, with a side of native red corn polenta, will be unforgettable. Followed by a plate of cow and goat cheeses to pay homage to the local production and, to end the meal, homemade desserts: from jam tarts (obviously homemade!), to tiramisu’, to apple crumble and delicious semifreddo. A rich oils menu, beer selection and wine list complement a menu worthy of the best restaurants. At the end of the dinner, in the garden, guests can enjoy a wide choice of cigars to accompany an extensive selection of liquors.


Via De Gasperi 12,
Ambivere (BG)
T. 035.908153