Boivin means, in the local dialect, the cellar where wine fermentation takes place. Riccardo Bosco’s Trattoria Boivin is located in the center of Levico Terme, near Trento. Founded in the 60s by Riccardo’s father – Giancarlo-, originally it was an osteria where guests may drink wine accompanied by bread and speck (an alpine cold cut) until late night. Since then, research and passion transformed this trattoria into a point of reference for many travelers and foodies.
The atmosphere is convivial: the menu focuses on local produce and the wine list includes mostly regional bottles. The art of hospitality, cultivated for three generations, makes this trattoria an unique culinary destination, which stands out among the diversified offer in the whole alpine region. The menu is seasonal: from wild herbs in spring, to red fruits in summer, from mushrooms to mountain cheese, from apples to winter chestnuts.

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Boivin di Bosco Riccardo

Via Garibaldi, 9 – 38056 Levico Terme (TN)

Per informazioni e prenotazioni – T. +39 0461 701670